Leaking Pipe Repairs

Sealing leaks

Fixing a leaking pipeA leaking pipe or tap can waste more than 15 litres of water a minute.  If you have noticed dampness in your walls, low water pressure or unusually high water bills, then you may have a leaking pipe.

A leaking pipe in your cabinets can cause damage that would be more expensive to fix than it would to have the leak fixed by an expert plumber from Luv2plumb.

We carry the necessary tools, pipe and fittings to ensure a fast and profession fix on plastic/ pvc, copper, chrome and most other types of pipes and joints. 

Call us on 1300 259 053 too book your appointment and stop the leaks.

We can help!

  • Stop leaks from pipes inside your kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Stop leaks on your outside garden taps
  • Fix leaks in and around your toilet
  • Fix and replace leaking taps
  • Fix and replace leaking shower heads
  • Track down hard to find leaks that are costing you money
  • Install water efficient shower heads