Leaking Toilets

The cost of leaking toilets

Leaking ToiletIt is important to have your leaking toilet fixed quickly as the water can damage your carpet, floor and result in mould in your bathroom.  Left too long and the water can even cause damage to your timber framing and cause rot.

We will come out to fix your leak at any time of the day - so even if your toilet starts leaking in the middle of the night just give us a call on
1300 259 053.

Whether your toilet is leaking directly into the bowl, seals need replacing or something is wrong with the inlet or outlet valve we can repair the toilet immediately in most cases.  In cases where a toilet is beyond repair we can also replace the toilet.

Leaking Issues

There are a wide range of leaks that can occur in your toilet including:

  • Leaking from the bottom of the cistern
  • Leaking directly into the bowl/pan
  • Leaking when the toilet is flushed
  • Leaking out of the base
  • Leaking from the inlet or outlet valve
  • Leaking from the toilet water supply

Most leaks are caused by faulty seals and some toilets have more than 5 seals.  There are many types of toilet seals on the market today.  All seals wear out eventually, but depending on the quality and material of the seal it may wear out faster.

Seals become warn out and can form cracks, break  and sometimes completely disintegrate. The severity of the problem cause depends on which seal fails and could result in anything from a small drip to a severe leak every time you flush the toilet.

Toilet seal maintenance

It's important to ensure your toilet seals are replaced before they are worn to avoid leaks.  If it has been a while since your toilet seals were maintained, have a plumber visit to do an inspection and replace any seals.

We can help!

  • Fix major leaks dripping to the floor
  • Fix minor leaks from the cistern to the bowl
  • Repair the flushing mechanism when it frequently sticks or stops working altogether
  • Replace the entire toilet when repairs are not possible